Useful Info on Rock Climbing Shoes

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Aside from the fact that you always have to be properly hooked to the rope while climbing you must as well wear the right types of rock climbing shoes. This type of footwear is recommended for the climbers to ensure their comfort while climbing various surfaces of rocks and walls. It is not proper to consider wearing sneakers or any other type of boots or sport footwear unless this one is designed for the climbing. This is where you have to know to make the difference between other shoes and rock climbing shoes.

For instance the latter ones will be comfortably fit to the feet almost close to a tight pair of shoes. There are as such various types to accommodate different types of climbs. For the easy climbs you may do it with ordinary rubber shoes, but for rock surfaces, it is required a specifically designed pair of shoes. They will come with the safety for your climbing activity once the feet are comfortably supported by the design and material used into manufacturing them.

Another thing that you need to know about rock climbing shoes is that with bouldering activity you will need shoes specifically designed for this. The type of these shoes will channel the power of climbing to the big toes and they are always chosen by rock climbers who are professional and have advanced skills into climbing. The soles of these shoes are soft because in this way your feet can feel the slim ledges and tiny cracks more accurately. This is what you need for bouldering, so ensure that you purchase the right types of shoes to have a comfortable sporting activity.

The other type of rock climbing shoes is represented by shoes with stiff soles and is the best choice for trad climbing. The design is created in such a manner that it supports the feet allowing it to have a firm grip on the cracks and narrow ledges. Why a stiff sole, you might ask? Well, this type of sole will not allow the shoe to fold while being under pressure and preventing as such the toes from being pinched together. At this point, you must know that these shoes are the perfect choice for belaying and rappelling and not required for bouldering.

It is important to mention that even if you decide to go in any of the local rock climbing gyms you will find in there shoes to rent for your climbing, along with the right harness. So, it doesn’t matter which type of rock climbing activity you approach and where (indoors or outdoors), make sure that you have the right equipment and footwear to ensure you of a perfect climbing.


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